"Upon being released from jail after being charged with a Class A DWI 2nd misdemeanor, I turned to a few good friends of mine for advice and recommendations to determine which attorney I should hire to fight my case and get me the best possible outcome. I received the same name from everyone, Mark Meisinger, and I'm thrilled that I decided to listen to them. I gave Mark a call and he invited me to his office for a discovery session, and enlightened me with his vast knowledge in dealing with DWI cases. He was very informative throughout the entire process, and kept me in the loop with everything that was taking place. He outlined his strategy to beat my case, and it worked out perfectly for me. Mark got my DWI charge dismissed and worked out an amazing deal with the DA for a plea for Obstruction of a Roadway. I've recommended Mark to all my friends just in case they find themselves in a similar situation to mine, and will continue to recommend him to anyone who asks. Thank you so much Mark, you're the best!"


"From the very beginning of my case Mark Meisinger was very involved. Unlike previous lawyer experiences I have had, he would keep you updated on what is going on and is easy to get ahold of. Everything he told me from the start ended up unravelling just as he said it would. I was wrongfully accused of Aggravated Assault Charges, and Mark made sure to hear the full story , analyze all the data, and fight for me! Once again I was thoroughly impressed with my whole experience and would recommend him to family and friends without hesitation."

- Mark Meisinger will fight for you!

"Mark Meisinger has been an outstanding lawyer. He's helped me on two separate cases. He's been fair, easy to get a hold of, professional, intelligent, and also honest. I wish all lawyers were like Mark. I totally recommend Mark Meisinger for your future lawyer needs. Thank you Mark for your help in taking my cases, what a pleasurable experience."

- Greatest lawyer ever!! - Eric

"This was my first time hiring an attorney and I was not disappointed. Mark went out of his way to ensure that justice was delivered and kept on pushing for victory even when it seemed that there was no chance. He has a strong fighting spirit and will not allow the unjust to have their way with you. If you want an attorney who will fight for you until victory and who is also a great person, then Mark Meisinger is your man."

- Great Lawyer and a Great Guy

"Came to him with an abnormal request- to defend me and my two other friends in a confusing drug paraphernalia case, and he took it with open arms at low cost. To be honest I had lost hope and nearly gave in to the Plano court system but Mr. Meisinger never did, and eventually got all 3 of our tickets dismissed! I'd highly recommend him to anyone who needs defense or law advice."

- Never gave up on us - Eric

"On September 22nd, 2013 I was stopped for an outdated tag. I was just pulling out of a bar parking lot at 2AM where I had around 4 16oz beers after playing a show. Being a rather nervous individual, I basically admitted to drinking far more than I actually had. I was put in jail and basically gave up at that point. I did not think I had the slightest chance of getting out of this DWI. I had a child on the way and I fearful of the financial implications my family and I were now facing. I interviewed a number of attorneys and one was even pulled my police report, but none of them offered any bit of confidence that I would be able to get out of this predicament. Many of them called themselves the “DWI Attorneys of Texas”, but said that my .08 (yes .08) was probably only good for pleading guilty. The total to that pleaded guilty would also be well over $6,000 for attorney fees and up to $15,000 to go to trial.

A friend of mine had recommended Mr. Meisinger. I called him and told him about my case and immediately he said “Not Guilty!” He went into great detail and explained everything that would happen. He explained his very reasonable fees and gave me options. He explained it to both my wife and I how this entire process would work. There was not one surprise throughout entire process! Whenever I had a question, he was more than happy to answer – and always answered the phone (more importantly he will remember your name too!)

After winning the ALR hearing, the case went to trial as the prosecutors were very unreasonable and only offered DWI offenses. When I walked into the courtroom during trial, I had the utmost confidence that no matter what, he was going to get me the best deal possible. During the trial, he continuously poked holes in their case against me. I watched as he remained confident, whereas the prosecutors realized they were failing and that their evidence against me only helped me. After 6 hours of deliberation, and snide remark from the prosecutors that “Denton County doesn’t make deals”, they dropped all DWI charges and I was left with very minimal deferred probation on a much lower offense. In just a short time, I will be completely free of the system.

I give Mr. Meisinger the highest recommendations to be your attorney. Chances are, if you are a first time offender, you made the ultimate mistake of trying to reason with the cops. It’s OK; he will do damage control and get you back on your feet (without robbing you blind). They will try very hard to get you in and out and either get your money or make a criminal out of you. They prosecutors will not be nice or lenient. They will start at the worst and only give you the second worst. Mr. Meisinger will fight for you as if he was fighting for himself, and in return get you the best possible outcome! Don’t make the mistake of trying to handle this all alone or by going to a turn-style attorney. Give yourself the best chance possible and have Mark battle this out for you."

- Don't mess around and opt out of getting representation! Remember, you're INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY! - Brian

"I was arrested for holding a sign that read: [ POLICE AHEAD ] in Frisco, Texas. I attempted to represent myself in the beginning and was being stonewalled, basically not able to do much without knowing my options. Prosecution recognized this and took full advantage while they could. It was a VERY frustrating situation to be in until Mr. Meisinger stepped up and took over. There were things that could be done in my defense that I was totally unaware of. Mr. Meisinger is DEFINITELY for the people and takes his cases very serious. He is extremely thorough and actually takes the time to explain options and possible outcomes, takes the time to listen and explain things in terms that any average person could understand. When it came time to submit a letter of representation in court, it was like the Prosecution immediately acknowledged the fact that they could no longer "play games" and moods changed.

I did not realize how quickly a case could be dismissed (5 minutes- if that!), but he filed a motion and the Judge dismissed the case right then and there! He was very confident and professional with the proceedings. The Prosecutor was shocked at the quickness in which the tables turned and the case was won in my favor and tried a last stitch effort to intimidate by asking the Judge about possibly re-filing in open court. Mr. Meisinger immediately voiced the fact that he represents me now and that he will take the case all the way to supreme court if they attempt to bully me any further! I don't know how to express the sense of relief that gave me! I am so thankful that I decided to have Mark represent me as I am confident that without him, Prosecution would have done everything they could have done to take advantage of my Self-Representation status. THANK YOU TREMENDOUSLY MARK!!"

- Public Justice at its best! - Ron

"Mark fought incredibly hard for me and brought my case down from a first degree felony with guaranteed jail time, to a 3rd degree with 3 years deferred probation. I could not have asked for more."

- A lawyer with heart - Joshua

"When I was arrested for a DWI a friend of mine told me to call Mark Meisinger. I felt very comfortable with him from the start and in the end he got my drivers license suspension dismissed and got me a not guilty on my DWI! I higher refer him if you have been arrested for a DWI!"

- Micaela

"I was arrested for growing marijuana and possessing a firearm. When the police came with their warrant I was sitting on my porch smoking a joint. I have dealt with many lawyers over the years. Normally left broke and dissapointed with the outcome. Mark is the best lawyer I ever dealt with! Affordable and he actually got me a better deal than I expected. I only got probation and he even got my community service waived.
If you need legal representation, not empty promises and lies Mark Meisinger is the man! The best and coolest lawyer you will ever meet or need!"

- James B.

"I got into an accident and left the scene. The police charged me with a DWI second offense. During my trial Mark destroyed the officer who arrested me and the judge found me not guilty! If anyone gets arrested and they want the best lawyer who will actually fights hard then they should hire Mark Meisinger."

- David T

"When I had a horrible situation happen a few years ago I hired Mark. I had been charged with 4 felonies. The bonds were so high I thought I would never see the light of day again. Mark believed in me and worked hard on my case. He put together a package and had the grand jury come back with all no bills so I was never even indicted. I cant thank him enough and I hope anyone else in my position would have him handle your situation."

- Shaletha

I got into an argument with my wife and the neighbors called the cops. I never touched her but they arrested me anyway! I could not believe the way I was treated still to this day. Luckily I hired Mark Meisinger and the case was dismissed without even having to go to trial. I strongly recommend him.

- John A.

"We had some problems with our son. He had got caught with drugs and got into fight at school. When we hired Mark he spent time sharing his story and really helped our son. He got a short probation and it will be off his record later. Now he doing tons better but during that rough patch of time I am so grateful we had Mark to help us."

- Susan

"I got stopped coming out of a bar parking lot and was charged with a DWI and possession of marijuana. Mark Meisinger had the marijuana charge dropped in a hearing before trial and got my DWI dismissed. I could not have asked for more!"

Thanks again!
- Nick

"I hired Mark Meisinger because I had a probation violation and a DWI. He was affordable and worked with me on payments. It was worth every penny because I was able to continue my probation and was found not guilty on my DWI."

- Aaron B

"I have used Mark Meisinger over the years for multiple things. He always does a good job and actually returns my calls if he does not answer right then. I highly refer him."

- Alfredo M


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